This week, IPC delivered a letter to Congress signed by 49 industry executives, representing most of the U.S. electronics supply chain, urging Congress to sustain current investments in the defense electronics industrial base or risk exacerbating defense risks and vulnerabilities.

The writers state: “President Biden’s March 2023 Presidential Determination naming PCBs and advanced packaging as a critical industrial base shortfall was badly needed recognition that the supply chain for U.S. defense electronics is on a risky foundation. Any disruption in the supply chain would limit the ability to source advanced PCBs from abroad and would ripple across the entire national security ecosystem with catastrophic effects.”

IPC has been supportive of the CHIPS Act from conception through implementation. The United States needs a reliable base for semiconductor manufacturing. At the same time, we’ve been clear and persistent that semiconductor manufacturing alone is insufficient to maintain the technological edge required by the U.S. national defense strategy.

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