Syensqo is now a member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC), an initiative introduced by trade association SEMI to drive progress on addressing climate challenges within the semiconductor industry. As a materials supplier, the Group is determined to work with customers and partners across the industry to help implement a sustainability roadmap for the entire value chain.

“Semiconductors play a vital role in the green transition, they are at the center of new technologies but manufacturing them is resource intensive” said Peter Browning, President of Syensqo Specialty Polymers. “Through this partnership, Syensqo will contribute to the sustainability roadmap of the whole value chain, advancing the industry and benefiting humanity.”

“The Semiconductors Climate Consortium is focused on addressing the challenges of climate change, which no single company can meet alone,” added Mousumi Bhat, PhD, Vice President of Global Sustainability at SEMI. “We welcome Syensqo to the SCC as a long-standing member of SEMI, and look forward to their collaboration in our value chain efforts.”

Syensqo provides high-performance material solutions for virtually every process step in advanced semiconductor manufacturing, including Solef® PVDF for ultra-pure water piping, Halar® ECTFE for gas abatement and wet process tool structural parts, Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM for O-rings, and Galden® PFPE for heat transfer fluids, as well as Fomblin® VAC for vacuum pump oil.

Syensqo’s ECHO portfolio is designed to offer specialty polymer grades with a lower carbon footprint than their original counterparts. These products integrate bio-sourced, recycled and mass balance feedstocks, while offering the same level of performance. Syensqo aims to become carbon neutral across all operations by 2040, with 40% reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions and 23% reductions in Scope 3 emissions by 2030.