Kubler US Corp., a leader in providing smart inventory management technology, has appointed Bob Wons, President of Precision Automation & Assembly (PAA), as its new representative for the New England territory. This partnership with PAA will strengthen Kubler US’s presence in North America, particularly in the New England region, by promoting the innovative Arcadia Archimedes Smart Storage System.

Bob brings extensive experience and a well-established network in the electronics assembly industry. Known for his commitment to providing high-quality equipment and consumables, PAA is poised to effectively integrate Arcadia’s groundbreaking technologies into the New England market.

Boris Kübler, CEO of Kubler US Corp., expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture: “We are extremely excited to have Bob join our team. His proactive approach and the active role he has already taken in promoting our Archimedes system showcases his dedication and alignment with our vision. Bob’s expertise and energetic advocacy for our products assure us that this partnership will be fruitful.”

The Arcadia Archimedes Smart Storage System, recognized for its efficiency and cutting-edge technology, offers comprehensive solutions that go beyond mere storage. With its ability to integrate seamlessly into existing production environments while providing real-time monitoring and advanced analytics, the system promises to revolutionize inventory management practices in the industry.

As Kubler US Corp. continues to expand its footprint in the North American market, the collaboration with Bob Wons and PAA is a strategic step toward enhancing the distribution and implementation of its smart storage solutions across various sectors.

For more information about the Arcadia Archimedes Smart Storage System, visit arcadiasrl.it.

About Kubler US Corp.
Kubler US Corp. serves as the North American division of Kübler GmbH High Tech Solutions, offering a comprehensive range of electronic manufacturing products. While it is well-known for its expertise in smart storage and inventory management systems, Kubler US provides a broad spectrum of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of modern manufacturing environments. Committed to innovation, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, Kubler US is dedicated to enhancing manufacturing practices through cutting-edge technology across various product categories.