AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that Dillon Zhu will present on the topic: Ultraminiature Soldering: Techniques, Technologies, and Standards at SMTA China East. This event is being held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 24-25.

Dillon Zhu is the Regional Technology Support Manager for AIM Solder in China. He has 20 years of SMT equipment and process experience, including a previous position in process for 8 years at Inventec. Dillon is experienced with PCBA manufacturing processes, including SMT and DIP. He has been with AIM Solder since 2008, solving customer SMT and wave soldering issues and providing timely support.​

The abstract for his presentation is as follows:

This presentation explores ultraminiature soldering technology in modern electronics. It begins by defining ultraminiature technology and discussing its critical applications in today’s electronic devices. The development of industry standards in areas where none currently exist is explored as well as the role of advanced techniques in setting new benchmarks. 

The distinctive characteristics of ultrafine pastes are compared to standard pastes, including powder size, flux chemistries, viscosity, metal load, and oxidation propensity. Associated products like tacky flux and bumping paste, their roles in ultraminiature assembly, preferred alloys, and specific fluxes are also covered. 

Lastly, the presentation addresses necessary adaptations in soldering processes, including process adjustments for ultrafine printing, stencil modifications, and the importance of transfer efficiency, alongside the challenges in placement and reflow. 

Mr. Zhu will deliver his presentation at the Technical Conference at 11:20 am on April 25 in Room No. 6, B2. To learn more about AIM’s products and services, visit