Cumberland Electronics Strategic Supply Solutions (CE3S), your strategic sourcing, professional solutions and distribution partner, is excited to announce its partnership with Aven Inc. to offer solutions for optical inspection and precision hand tools for micro-assembly.

With more than 750 tools in its product line, Aven has established itself as a premier provider of precision technology solutions. The company offers a diverse range of products, including stationary and portable microscopes, video inspection systems, high-resolution digital and video cameras, lenses, illuminated magnifiers, software for image analysis, and precision hand tools for assembly.

While Aven manufactures a broad array of optical inspection equipment and precision hand tools, its true value lies in its positioning as a full-service technology provider. Through years of comprehensive research and development, Aven has expanded its expertise in designing and customizing advanced video inspection systems. The company’s solution-based approach allows its experts to recommend and create complete optical systems tailored to meet customers’ specific needs and budgets.

Together, CE3S and Aven are committed to delivering exceptional value and service to their customers across various industries.

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