Bransys Group, a leading provider of comprehensive PCB design and assembly services, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Jade MKII Selective Soldering System from Pillarhouse. This investment in state-of-the-art technology reinforces Bransys’ commitment to delivering high-quality assembly solutions to its customers.

The Jade MKII is renowned for its precision and reliability in selective soldering processes. Bransys has opted for several upgrades to enhance the system’s performance, including the inclusion of the Flux PS, Preheat for top side, and a solder bath. These upgrades ensure optimal soldering results while meeting the specific requirements of Bransys’ diverse customer base.

The Flux PS (Pump System) upgrade offers enhanced control over the flux deposition process, ensuring consistent and precise application. With this upgrade, Bransys can achieve improved solder joint integrity and reliability.

The addition of Preheat for top side capability allows Bransys to further optimize the soldering process, ensuring proper heat distribution and eliminating thermal stress on delicate components. This feature significantly contributes to the overall quality and reliability of the assembled PCBs.

By integrating a solder bath into the Jade MKII system, Bransys can leverage the benefits of both solder fountain and mini-wave soldering technologies. This combination facilitates efficient and accurate soldering of through-hole components, even in challenging applications.

“While the Jade MKII Selective Soldering System is an industry-leading solution in its standard configuration, we have taken it a step further by incorporating key upgrades to meet our specific requirements,” said Branko Trajkovski, Founder & CEO of Bransys Group. “This investment enables us to deliver even greater precision and reliability in our PCB assembly processes, ensuring superior quality for our customers.”

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