Green Circuits, a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner to leading OEMs, today announced a groundbreaking advancement in process engineering with the successful implementation of an innovative assembly technique for stacked capacitors. This technological breakthrough showcases Green Circuits’ capability to navigate and excel in complex assembly challenges, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field.

Faced with a formidable task by one of its top clients, Green Circuits was presented with an automated test equipment (ATE) test board featuring more than 5,000 component placements on a circuit board with a thickness of 0.300″. The complexity of the assembly was significantly heightened by the requirement to double-stack 840 capacitors, a challenge not previously encountered by Green Circuits.

Initial considerations suggested hand soldering as a solution, albeit one that would demand in excess of 12 hours to complete a single board. Undeterred, Green Circuits’ team of process engineers dedicated weeks to the exploration of various methodologies and tooling options in pursuit of an optimal outcome. Their perseverance culminated in the development of a robust and repeatable process for the double-stacking of capacitors, marking a significant milestone in process engineering within the industry.

This assembly feat was accomplished on a board characterized by:

  • 70 Layers: Using the cutting-edge “B2B” technology, which combines two fabrication layers (FABs) into one, adding to the complexity and technological sophistication of the project.
  • 0.300 mil Thickness (7.7 mm): Demonstrating Green Circuits’ capacity to handle and assemble on unusually thick PCBs.
  • Populated Over 5,000 Locations: A testament to the company’s ability to manage highly complex assemblies.
  • Cap on Cap – 840 Locations: The double-stacked capacitors that posed the unique challenge successfully overcome by the team.
  • Flying Probe Testing: Ensuring the highest quality and functionality of the assembled boards.

Green Circuits, Inc. provides high-quality design, prototyping and full-scale production services for all types of printed circuit boards and complex systems. The company is the 2023 CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY EMS Company of the Year and Global SMT & Packaging 2023 Global Technology Award winner for Contract Manufacturers $50-100 million.

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