Austin American Technology (AAT) is pleased to announce that its patented rotational spraying method ensures superior cleaning performance, delivering consistent results for critical electronic components. This revolutionary technique is integrated into the company’s X Series Stencil Cleaner.

The patented rotational spraying method, developed by AAT’s team of experts, offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of cleaning intricate electronic components effectively. By employing a unique rotational spraying mechanism, the X Series Stencil Cleaner delivers targeted and thorough cleaning action, removing contaminants with precision and efficiency.

The X Series Stencil Cleaner, equipped with AAT’s innovative rotational spraying technology, ensures consistent and reliable cleaning results for critical electronic components, including stencils, screens, misprints, and more. With customizable settings and NEW I/O Link advanced control features, the X Series Stencil Cleaner provides versatility and adaptability to suit various cleaning requirements across different applications.

AAT’s X Series Stencil Cleaner with the patented rotational spraying method is available to customers seeking superior cleaning solutions for their critical electronic components.

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