StenTech® Inc., a leading global company specializing in SMT Printing Solutions, has completed a major technology update to their Photo Stencil Specialized Products Division in Golden, Colorado. The phase-one overhaul included upgrades to key areas, including imaging, chemical plating, metrology, and chemical coating, along with refreshed offices and board room.

“Following our growth strategy, we have invested a substantial amount of time, energy, and funds to upgrade this vital facility.” says Brent Nolan, CEO of StenTech. “Photo Stencil is the leading provider of complex electroforming precision paste, flux, ball-drop, wafer bump, and 3D stencils and screens. We offer cutting-edge products with micron-level precision and a wide range of specialized solutions, techniques, and materials not available elsewhere in North America.”

A key element of this facility upgrade is the introduction of StenTech’s latest innovation in stencil coating technology – the all-new StenTech BluPrint™ CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposited) Surface Treatment. Engineered to enhance Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes, this advanced coating offers a comprehensive set of benefits that collectively contribute to improved stencil performance, longevity, and the overall quality of the SMT assembly process, streamlining production.

In the SMT industry, precise stencils and tooling are indispensable. These components demand meticulous design and prompt delivery, leaving no room for compromise on quality, speed, or reliability. Any issues or delays can lead to substantial costs in an environment where timing is paramount, and faults are expensive. StenTech’s Photo Stencil Division excels in offering unmatched quality, specialized products and reliability.

“Our new brochure is now available for download and outlines the services, solutions, and exclusive coatings produced at PhotoStencil.” remarks Tony Miranda, PhotoStencil Manager. ”We extend an open invitation to all interested parties to visit the facility, meet the team, and witness the high-end equipment in production.”

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Now in its 25th year of operations, as StenTech embarks on the next chapter of its journey, the company remains committed to growth and innovation.

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