Hernon is pleased to offer its Autobond® line of dispensers, specifically designed for the precise application of sealants. The Autobond® line of dispensers, developed by Hernon’s equipment division, is engineered to deliver metered amounts of sealant directly to male fittings, ensuring accurate and efficient application while minimizing product waste.

Key features of the Autobond® line of dispensers include:

  • Versatile Dispensing Paths: Dot, line, arc, and 3D dispensing paths are available, providing flexibility to meet diverse application needs.
  • Programmable Functionality: With 100 programs and 4000 points per program, users have the flexibility to customize dispensing parameters to suit specific requirements.
  • Intuitive Programming: A hand-held teach pendant is provided for simple and intuitive programming functions, allowing users to quickly and easily set up dispensing parameters.
  • Compatibility with Various Liquids: The dispensers can apply a wide range of liquids, including adhesives, cyanoacrylates, silicone, RTV, anaerobic resin, epoxy, UV cure formulations, and more.
  • Optional Software: Windows SRE software is available for CAD file input, offering additional flexibility and compatibility for advanced dispensing applications.

Hernon Manufacturing’s engineering team builds dispensing systems with a focus on maximizing user control over the dispensing process. This emphasis on control not only enhances labor productivity but also improves the efficiency of sealant and energy use, ultimately delivering cost savings and operational benefits to end users.

For more information about Hernon’s Autobond® line of dispensers and its comprehensive range of

technologies for adhesives and dispensing, contact sales@hernon.com or visit www.hernon.com.