ROCKA Solutions is excited to announce that Justin Worden, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, will present at the upcoming SMTA Dallas Expo & Tech Forum. The event is scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at the Plano Event Center.

In his presentation titled “Elevating Excellence in High-Reliability Electronics: The Personal and Lasting Legacy of PCB Production,” Worden will delve into the crucial role of modern equipment and processes in achieving superior quality and reliability in PCB production. The presentation explores how upgrading production lines with modern technology is essential for meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s advanced PCBs, particularly in industries such as aerospace, military, medical devices and automotive.

“Business is Personal” is the central theme of the presentation, emphasizing the profound impact that modernized PCB production has on ensuring safety, quality and customer satisfaction in high-reliability electronics. By embracing modernization, manufacturers can establish a legacy built on trust and excellence, driving forward the standard of excellence in electronics production.

Rodrigo Cacho, President and CEO of ROCKA Solutions commented: “Justin’s expertise and insights into the importance of modernization in PCB production will provide attendees with valuable knowledge and strategies for high-reliability electronics.”

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