Bimos, a leading provider of ergonomic ESD seating solutions, is proud to announce an expansion of its flagship product, NEON Seating, to include a heavier-duty version. The NEON XXL is now available with a certified load capacity rated up to 395 lbs.

Recognizing the diverse requirements of researchers and professionals, Bimos aims to offer the best possible ergonomic support while prioritizing comfort. The upgraded NEON XXL Version includes the following key features:

  • Extra Thick Comfort Seat Cushions: Now available as a retrofittable component on any new or existing Neon model to provide enhanced comfort and support for long sit times.
  • Head Rest Option: Offers additional support to multi-shift, command center stations where multiple monitor screens are present and long shifts contribute to neck fatigue.
  • Expanded Weight Capacity: The NEON XXL Version is crafted with an enhanced base mechanism designed to support larger workers up to 395 lbs. with reliability and durability.

“With the introduction of the NEON XXL Version, we are providing more options to our customers to address larger individuals, better overall cushion comfort and 24/7 command centers that demand headrest support,” Mark Scelfo, US Managing Director at Bimos. “We are committed to delivering ergonomic excellence and comfort to support professionals in the most demanding work environments.”

The NEON Lab Seating series has been a preferred choice for its best-in-class ergonomic design, and the introduction of the XXL Version further extends its versatility. The thicker upholstery and optimized shape contribute to an enhanced seating experience for users with higher weight requirements.

For professionals seeking reliable and comfortable seating solutions in laboratory and research settings, the NEON XXL Version from Bimos sets a new standard for ergonomic excellence.

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