StenTech® Inc., a leading global company specializing in SMT Printing Solutions, unveils its latest innovation in stencil coating technology – the all-new StenTech BluPrint™ CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposited) Surface Treatment. Engineered to elevate the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes, this advanced coating offers a comprehensive set of benefits that collectively contribute to improved stencil performance, longevity, and the overall quality of the SMT assembly process streamlining production.

The ongoing effort to shrink components and circuit boards presents a persistent obstacle when it comes to solder paste printing with laser-cut stainless-steel stencils. Furthermore, advancements in laser technology are in sync with enhancements in coating finishes for these stencils. StenTech’s BluPrint™ CVD has been meticulously designed to establish itself as the premier choice in North America for meeting the rapidly evolving and intricate requirements of the semiconductor and EMS industry.

We are ecstatic to roll out StenTech BluPrint™, a precision stencil engineered to address the requirements of high-volume printing consistency.” says Jeremy Nolan, Dir. Operations, StenTech.

StenTech BluPrint™ CVD Surface Treatment is a revolutionary method for depositing thin films of materials onto a substrate by introducing chemical precursors into a reactor chamber, where they react and deposit as a solid material on the surface.

The advantage of StenTech’s Chemical Vapor Deposited Surface Treatment lies in its consistent thickness across all areas, eliminating the dependence on the dynamic physics involved in spraying a liquid. StenTech BluPrint™ offers consistently repeatable processing without variation, providing a virtually indestructible coating that remains resilient without degradation and ensures uniform printing, with the only variation being the area ratio, while each aperture remains identical. This eliminates the need for frequent replacements and ensures a longer lifespan for the stencil, ultimately reducing maintenance and replacement costs associated with traditional coatings.

The StenTech BluPrint™ process initiates with a plasma polishing step before the application of the chemical vapor deposition process. This treatment yields a very smooth, high-gloss surfaces with enhanced corrosion resistance and involves polishing both the surface of the stencil foil and the sidewalls of the apertures. The outcome of this subtractive procedure is a smoother sidewall, setting the foundation for the subsequent coating. StenTech’s BluPrint™ CVD Surface Treatment is then applied at approximately 1000 times less thickness compared to current alternatives with a range of 3-5 micrometers versus 3 nanometers.

StenTech BluPrint™ is positioned as the practical choice for coating high-end SMT solder paste stencils with its noticeable enhancement in transfer efficiency, outperforming the nano-coatings currently employed, especially for high volume builds.

StenTech BluPrint™ will make its complete debut and be showcased at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, which is North America’s premier industry event, taking place in Anaheim, California, from April 6-11, 2024.

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