Apollo Seiko, a leading innovator in soldering technology, proudly introduces the SR-LYRA II. This state-of-the-art soldering unit seamlessly combines the renowned LYRA II soldering technology with a highly-reliable SCARA robot, setting new standards for precision and efficiency in automated soldering processes.

The SR-LYRA II is engineered for high-speed, axially moving operations, making it the ideal choice for in-line applications designed for full automation. The integration of a lightweight robot and a compact controller not only enhances the robot’s mobility but also simplifies the design of production lines, offering manufacturers a versatile and efficient solution for their soldering needs.

The Soldering SCARA Robot features a virtual web-based teaching pendant, a cutting-edge innovation that revolutionizes the programming and operation of the soldering unit. Compatible with any operating system that can open a web browser, this teaching pendant provides a user-friendly interface for intuitive control and programming. This adaptability ensures a seamless integration into diverse manufacturing environments.

For more information about the SR LYRA II and other Apollo Seiko products, please visit www.apolloseiko.com.