Tecate Group, a prominent distributor and manufacturer in the electronics industry, has successfully implemented Cetec ERP, transforming their manufacturing operations.

Tecate Group transitioned to Cetec ERP approximately 8 months ago. Since its implementation, the company has seen significant advantages with Cetec ERP over the legacy system, citing the software’s user-friendly interface and quick error resolution capabilities. Unlike their previous system, which posed challenges in undoing errors, Cetec ERP provides a seamless “undo” option, significantly reducing the time spent on error correction.

Tecate Group, a distributor and manufacturer of supercapacitors, capacitors and surface mount products, found Cetec ERP to be a game-changer in their day-to-day operations. The software’s MySQL database integration allows Tecate to access critical data, facilitating the creation of custom reports tailored to their specific needs.

Doug Hubbell, Systems Manager at Tecate Group highlighted the outstanding support received from the Cetec ERP team. The personalized attention and technical support provided by Cetec ERP’s team played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition and addressing Tecate’s unique requirements.

Cetec ERP is committed to delivering robust solutions and exceptional support, empowering manufacturing companies like Tecate Group to streamline their operations and enhance overall productivity.

To learn more about Cetec ERP and their advanced manufacturing software solutions, visit www.cetecerp.com.