Inovaxe Corp., a global leader in material handling and inventory control systems, is thrilled to announce its upcoming webinar titled “Maximizing Smart Storage ROI” on February 2nd at 11am EST.

As manufacturers worldwide seek innovative solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency, investing in smart storage systems has become paramount. In this webinar, attendees will discover how Inovaxe’s cutting-edge Smart Storage Systems can revolutionize their operations and maximize their return on investment (ROI).

The webinar will delve into key areas where ROI is typically realized, including:

  • Drastic reduction in labor costs
  • Effective space utilization leading to potential space savings of up to 90%
  • Minimization of human error in part selection and data entry
  • Tighter inventory control and reduced need for excess stock

Attendees will gain valuable insights into how Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Systems streamline SMT material handling processes, eliminate costly errors, and optimize operations for greater productivity.

“We’re excited to share our expertise and innovative solutions with manufacturers seeking to enhance their material handling processes and maximize ROI,” said Ben Khoshnood, President of Inovaxe. “Join us on February 2nd to discover how our Smart Storage Systems can transform your operations and drive success.”

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from industry leaders and take your manufacturing operations to the next level. Register now for Inovaxe’s webinar on February 2nd at 11am EST!

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