Silicon Mountain, a leading electronic manufacturing company, proudly announces its latest stride in technological innovation by acquiring the RO1, a cutting-edge cobot robotic arm designed and manufactured in the USA.

The RO1 represents Silicon Mountain’s ongoing commitment to investing in automation to enhance manufacturing efficiency and precision. As the most advanced and affordable six-axis robot available today, RO1 is equipped to seamlessly integrate into various manufacturing and machining setups, offering unparalleled capabilities in building a wide array of products.

Key features of RO1 include:

Superior Strength: Outlifting competitors with up to 1.8x more strength.

Exceptional Accuracy: Outperforming in precision with up to 2x more accuracy.

Increased Speed: Completing tasks up to 2.4x faster than competing robots.

Built-in 3D Camera: Providing advanced vision capabilities for enhanced adaptability.

What sets RO1 apart is its intuitive touchscreen interface, making automation accessible to everyone. With simple visual programming that requires zero code, users can create and scale tasks effortlessly. The RO1 is engineered to handle tasks with unmatched ease and precision, ensuring efficient and accurate manufacturing processes.

“We are excited to integrate the RO1 into our manufacturing operations,” said Clint Roehr, Project Manager at Silicon Mountain. “The RO1’s capabilities in strength, accuracy, speed, and user-friendly interface align seamlessly with our dedication to delivering high-quality products to our clients.”

Silicon Mountain continues to be a leader in the electronic manufacturing industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide state-of-the-art solutions for its customers. The introduction of the RO1 marks another milestone in Silicon Mountain’s journey to enhance automation and elevate manufacturing capabilities.

Silicon Mountain provides a wide range of services, whether it is prototyping for startups or high-volume manufacturing. Regardless of the service, the company aims for high quality and quick turnaround.

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