Techcon, part of OK International and Dover, and a leader in precision fluid dispensing technologies, today announced the launch of their new extra-large (177 cc/6 oz) syringe barrel, TS60C-LL-N, one of the largest syringe barrels on the fluid dispensing market.

“An extra-large syringe barrel is invaluable to the dispensing industry,” explains Can La, Director of Product Management at OK International. “A 177 cc syringe barrel means operations can have longer production runs and reduce downtime with fewer fluid changeovers.”

TS60C-LL-N is made of clear Polypropylene and is free of silicon and chloride. The barrel design with consistent internal diameter maintains the proper seal with the piston for optimal dispensing results. The ultra-low draft construction of the inner diameter results in high dispensing accuracy and stability. TS60C-LL-N can connect directly to air adapters.

All Techcon syringe barrels are manufactured in Techcon’s silicone-free facilities in the United States and certified for industrial use.

TS60C-LL-N is ideal for electronic applications such as bonding, underfill, potting, and conformal coating. It is compatible with most dispensing material including adhesives, epoxies, sealants, and solder pastes.

Techcon offers compatible tip caps, pistons, end caps, and receiver heads.

About Techcon:
Since 1961, Techcon has provided precision fluid and adhesive dispensing equipment to a range of service industries, including industrial assembly, aerospace, military, material packaging, medical device, and electronics. Techcon products are renowned for their superior accuracy and durability, yielding improved industrial hygiene and enhanced productivity. Backed by our expert engineering team, Techcon, an OK International company, is delivering smarter, cleaner, more durable solutions.

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About OK International:
OK International, part of Dover Corporation, is a global manufacturer of bench tools and equipment that are used in electronics & industrial product assembly.  Committed to operational excellence and innovation, they deliver core technological advantages with best-in-class performance.  The core brands are Metcal, which provides advanced technology products across hand soldering, convection rework, and fume extraction applications, and Techcon, known for its fluid and dispensing products that provide superior precision and longevity.

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