Viscom AG has been honored with a Mexico Technology Award. The announcement ceremony took place on the 25th of October 2023 at the SMTA Mexico exhibition in Guadalajara.

At the Mexico Technology Awards ceremony in Guadalajara: Juan Briceño, Vice President Viscom Inc., Ron Friedman, Editor and Publisher of MEXICO EMS, Sebastian König, Operations Manager Viscom Inc., and Luis Lujan, Sales Manager Mexico Viscom Inc.

The prestigious award recognizes the advantages of Viscom’s 3D-AOI system iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus with its outstanding throughput and performance. Compared to previous Viscom machines, image capture is now up to 25% faster. The total amount of obtained information with all nine cameras of the 3D sensor module XMplus-II is up to 150 megapixels. A speed of 80 cm² per second can be achieved. “We are pleased to have won the Mexico Technology Award for our newest 3D-AOI system,” states Juan Briceño, Vice President of Viscom Inc., the American subsidiary of Viscom AG, Germany. “This award is a testament to all of the hard work the teams at Viscom put into the development of our next-generation machine.”

The iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus offers color images from all perspectives. True-to-life 360° renderings are available for verification purposes. A structured light projector with a z-resolution of 0.5 μm guarantees accurate height measurements of components up to 30 mm high. Viscom’s Quality Uplink combines results from AOI, SPI, AXI, and MXI. Solutions like IPC HERMES 9852 or IPC CFX are also integrated and Viscom has developed new AI functions for verification and program creation.

The Mexico Technology Awards recognize the latest innovations available for the many manufacturing and assembly facilities not only in Mexico but worldwide. They are presented to companies and individuals who consistently adhere to the highest industry standards and drive progress in electronics manufacturing. The organizational host of the awards is the Spanish-language technical e-newsletter MEXICO EMS.

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