MVP, a pioneer in advanced AOI expertise, proudly commemorates three decades as a premier total solutions provider. Specializing in the Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Packaging, and Surface Mount industries, MVP remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to a diverse clientele, including automotive, telecoms, commercial, medical devices, and military sectors.

Dr. George T. Ayoub, the visionary founder, and CEO reflected, ‘Throughout our journey, MVP has consistently spearheaded innovation in the Electronic Industry, AOI, and Test and Measurements market. Empowering numerous clients to elevate overall quality and process control, we stand out for our groundbreaking solutions, notably the introduction of the 3D Automated SMT AutoInspector. Our applications span diverse areas such as Plated Through Hole, SMT, Automated Die/Wire, Wire loop Height measurements, Epoxy 3D metrology, Wafer Surface, bump 3D metrology, BGA inspection, Microscopic inspections, and more.’

Expressing gratitude to our valued customers, Dr. Ayoub added, ‘We extend sincere thanks for your enduring support and trust. MVP’s unwavering commitment is to consistently provide empowering technologies, ensuring our customers excel with unparalleled solutions in the Microelectronics and SMT industries.’

MVP’s global acclaim as a leading AOI solutions innovator is underpinned by a robust international support structure.