Asscon will present three new vapor phase soldering systems at productronica 2023
ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH presents three new vapor phase soldering systems at this year’s productronica in Munich. These are batch systems suitable for processing frequently changing products in the small or medium series range. ASSCON will present a new stand-alone system for small series and prototyping and two systems for series production in Munich.

“The new vapor phase soldering systems presented at productronica are ideal for the production of small to medium-sized series,” explains Tobias Tuffentsammer, Head of Sales at ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH. By using universal workpiece carriers, the stand-alone systems presented at the show are very flexible and also allow optional integration into a partially automated manufacturing process. “Basically, our batch systems are ideally suited for small and medium-sized production volumes as well as for any designs and sizes of assemblies. Due to their compact design, the multi-chamber systems can find a place in almost any production facility. The design as batch systems enables stand-alone production, which means that the system can be fed from a wide variety of production stations,” emphasizes Tuffentsammer.

One of the newly introduced vapor phases is the VP810, resp. VP810 vacuum. The system is the follower of the proven, cost-efficient and space-saving VP800. Among other features, the VP810 is equipped with a new intuitive touch display that allows easy machine operation. A total of 25 soldering profiles can be stored in the internal memory and recalled from there. The also new Advanced Management Interface enables external profile creation and system monitoring. In addition, the operator can automatically log and output production data. The VP810 is also available as a vacuum version. “We now also offer Sensor Based Profiling, which was previously not available in combination with vacuum. With the VP810 vacuum, this is now an option. Thus, we enable exact profiling even when the vacuum is activated,” Tuffentsammer continues.

Furthermore, ASSCON presents the vapor phase systems VP1100 and VP6100 vacuum. The VP1100 is ideally suited for small and large production volumes as well as frequently changing job situations due to the flexibly loadable workpiece carriers and a maximum soldering material format of 610 x 610 mm. In addition, the VP1100 is designed for 24/7 serial operation and can also be purchased as an optional semi inline system. The VP6100 vacuum, which can also be optionally used inline, is a vapor phase with vacuum function in which assemblies measuring 600 x 600 mm can be soldered. Both the soldering of power components on printed circuit boards and the full-surface soldering of components on cooling surfaces, as well as the soldering of power chips onto base substrates, are possible with the VP6100 vacuum. In any case, vapor phase soldering is optimal for high-mass products, especially for soldering large-area SMD components on multilayers with a high copper content.

The vacuum process integrated in the VP6100 vacuum removes the resulting voids in the solder joints before the solidification phase, resulting in very high-quality solder joints. The vacuum module installed in the process zone seals the assembly tightly from the environment immediately after completion of the soldering process and builds up a vacuum in the process. The resulting vacuum removes the voids and defects from the still liquid solder joints. The vacuum module is then ventilated and opened again. The soldered material then travels through the cooling zone to the dispensing station.
ASSCON will present the new vapor phase models as well as the further product portfolio at productronica in Munich from November 14 to 17 in hall A4, booth 265.