Solderstar, a global leader in temperature profiling equipment for soldering processes, is gearing up to make a significant impact at Productronica 2023 in Munich from November 14th to 17th. Solderstar will unveil its innovative new product, the Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module, promising to redefine how the electronics industry approaches reflow process verification.

The Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module represents a major leap forward in the quest for precise reflow soldering control. Oxygen (O2) measurement is crucial because it can affect the solder joint quality. It can react with the solder to form oxides, weakening the joint and making it more susceptible to failure. Additionally, O2 can cause the solder de-wetting, preventing a good bond with the PCB.

By measuring O2 levels and maintaining them below a certain threshold, manufacturers can ensure strong and reliable solder joints and reduce solder wastage. The Reflow Shuttle O2 enables manufacturers to achieve higher precision in their advanced soldering applications. The tool provides zone-by-zone analysis of oxygen levels throughout the reflow process, enabling manufacturers to precisely monitor oxygen content in parts per million (PPM) and optimise nitrogen usage.

Mark Stansfield, Managing Director of Solderstar said: “The primary objective of the Reflow Shuttle O2 is to equip manufacturers with real-time insights into their reflow soldering processes. This enables informed decision-making and operational optimisation to ensure the highest product quality.

“Reflow soldering demands precision at every step. This is the first repeatable verification tool that combines O2 ppm, vibration levels in 3 axis, vacuum, temperature profiles, and conveyor speed on a single robust platform. This provides manufacturers with a comprehensive insight into their reflow soldering process to elevate quality and efficiency. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand at Productronica, where we will showcase our latest cutting-edge technologies and introduce this game-changing product.”

This precise real-time control over oxygen content ensures the elimination of any prospective oxidation issues that could impact soldering quality. Even minor deviations in oxygen levels within reflow ovens can negatively affect the reflow process. Reflow Shuttle O2 allows for detection of nitrogen leaks throughout the oven zones and pinpoints oxygen fluctuations. Manufacturers can use this data to optimise nitrogen consumption and prevent issues like flux build-up.

The Reflow Shuttle can be seamlessly integrated into a fully operational reflow oven, eliminating the need for downtime during verification. With a simple button press, manufacturers can initiate data collection, obtaining a comprehensive pass-through graph of the entire oven, complete with insights into any anomalies at the outset of the process, facilitating rapid adjustments if necessary.

The Reflow Shuttle’s versatile design ensures an efficient and uninterrupted verification process. It features a specially designed battery pack that enables multiple passes across various production lines before recharging is required.

The Shuttle’s seamless integration is further enabled by its Smartlink connector, which provides quick connections to the SLX datalogger. The Shuttle is auto-configured without computer setup, making it the ideal tool for both initial setup and daily process checks on the production floor. With robust data collection capabilities and minimal downtime, the Reflow Shuttle enhances overall manufacturing efficiency through continuous process verification.

Visitors to Productronica, taking place from 14-17 November, Munich, Germany, are invited to explore these ground-breaking solutions at Solderstar’s Stand A4.246/4. Solderstar’s team of experts will be on hand to provide detailed insights, live demonstrations, and answers to technical enquiries.