Entrepix, Inc., a globally recognized expert in CMP and wafer cleaning, and a subsidiary of Amtech Systems, Inc., is pleased to introduce its latest product, the Entegrity head tester. Designed to reduce downtime of CMP systems, the Entegrity head tester empowers customers with the ability to control yield and ensure optimal performance.

The Entrepix Entegrity head tester is an example of the company’s commitment to providing value and cost savings to customers. The Entegrity head tester is a tabletop polish head testing system that provides customers with invaluable data regarding the mission-critical consumables that make up the Titan, Profiler, Contour, and EVO polishing heads.

“Entrepix knows the CMP process like no other company,” said Jim Mello, general manager at Entrepix. “The custom data sets generated by our Entegrity head tester puts the most critical information in front of our customers. They can now confidently run their CMP systems without the fear of head-related failures, thanks to the assurance provided by our product,” added Mello.

The features of the Entegrity head tester include a user-friendly touch screen interface, customizable settings and recipe programming, and the ability to test individual zones for leaks or crosstalk. The head tester’s control system includes: head serialization for data tracking, data log with graphing and network capability or USB interface for data download.

The Entegrity head tester distinguishes itself from competing solutions by offering customizable testing parameters, granting users the essential capability to address specific testing requirements. Theis crucial problem-solving feature empowers customers to personalize their testing processes, guaranteeing the optimal functionality of polishing heads before they are installed.

For more information about Entrepix and its products, please visit www.entrepix.com.

About Entrepix Inc.

Entrepix Inc., a member of the Amtech Group, is a globally recognized leader in advanced wafer cleaning equipment and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) technology and services. With a strong focus on innovation and technical expertise, Entrepix offers cutting-edge capabilities for CMP and wafer cleaning across the entire Semiconductor industry. Their comprehensive CMP solutions enable the highest levels of planarization and surface quality for a wide range of materials and substrate sizes, including silicon carbide (SiC) wafers and a wide range of III-V materials. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary processes, Entrepix delivers customized CMP solutions that meet the stringent requirements of today’s semiconductor manufacturing processes. Additionally, their expertise in silicon carbide wafer cleaning ensures exceptional cleanliness and surface preparation for SiC-based applications. Entrepix’ s commitment to employing customer-driven development to uncover unmet market needs makes them the trusted partner for CMP and wafer cleaning needs in the semiconductor industry.www.entrepix.com