Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to announce its participation in the SMTA International conference with two enlightening technical presentations. The first presentation will take place on Monday, Oct. 9, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. CDT during Session MD2: Hidden Challenges of Complex Assemblies. The second presentation will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023 at 11 a.m. CDT during Session MFX2: Product Assembly Challenges.

Presentation 1: The Importance of Having a Clean Slate in the SMT Assembly Process for High-Density and Fine-Pitch Applications

Presenters: Charlie Fujikawa, Senior Sales Engineer, and Michelle Ogihara, VP of Sales, Seika Machinery, Inc.

In an ever-evolving SMT industry marked by miniaturization and globalization, the manufacturing process faces unique challenges. Amidst various improvements in SMT manufacturing, one critical aspect often overlooked is the cleanliness of the PCB surface. Even minute debris or contaminants can disrupt the soldering process, leading to voids and defects. To address this concern, Seika Machinery advocates the importance of starting the assembly process with a pristine PCB surface.

The presentation will feature an experiment and evaluation conducted by a renowned Japanese automotive electronics manufacturer. They sought to enhance their PCB assembly process by introducing a bare board cleaner before the paste printer. The evaluation will outline the conditions before and after implementing the cleaning system, shedding light on the impact of a clean PCB surface on the defect ratio. The presentation aims to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of utilizing a bare PCB surface cleaner as a crucial step in process control.

Presentation 2: Modern Methods of PCB Depanelization and Considerations for Improved Reliability

Presenters: Max Bernard and Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery, Inc.

As electronic circuit assemblies become smaller and more densely populated, manufacturers increasingly opt to produce multiple assemblies on a larger panel and later separate them through depanelization. However, this critical process is often underestimated, and improper depaneling can damage delicate components, solder masks, and even the PCB substrate. Seika Machinery addresses the complexities of depanelization, which introduces mechanical stress, dust, debris, and design restrictions into the manufacturing process.

The presentation delves into various depanelization methods, including V-scoring, die cutting, hand breaking, pizza cutters, laser depaneling, and PCB routers. Each method’s technical aspects, such as speed, accuracy, and impact on the PCB and components, will be discussed, along with design considerations and associated costs. The presentation will also showcase the latest trends and technologies in PCB depanelization and provide guidance for selecting the most suitable method for specific applications.

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