Q Source, a provider of custom solutions for the Bio-Medical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries, is pleased to announce its partnership with Columbia Cleanroom, an industry leader with four decades of experience specializing in Class 10 / ISO 3 cleanroom stationery and consumables.

Known as “The Cleanest Printer in North America,” Colombia Cleanroom embarked on its journey in 1980 as a local copy shop. Over the years, they expanded their services to cater to critical environments, positioning themselves as experts in the field.

Columbia Cleanroom’s commitment to delivering excellence is evident in their stationery products, which are crafted from the highest quality cleanroom-compatible materials. These products undergo rigorous cleaning and are double-packaged under certified “Class 10” or better conditions, achieving a universally recognized ‘ISO 3’ classification. To ensure meticulous contamination control, all items are imprinted with low-sodium and low-calcium inks, while the paper is low particulating with minimal extractables. No adhesives are used in binding and padding to eliminate any contribution to cleanroom contamination levels. Furthermore, covers and spiral bindings are crafted from high-density polypropylene to withstand harsh chemical vapors, and metal rings, clips, and hangers are coated with non-particulating clean room paint. All cleanroom items, from printed notebooks to custom stationery products, are proudly manufactured in their facilities in the northwest United States.

Columbia Cleanroom’s impressive track record in creating custom cleanroom consumable products aligns seamlessly with Q Source’s commitment to providing top-tier solutions to its customers. This partnership reinforces Q Source’s dedication to delivering superior cleanroom products, bolstering its already extensive catalog.

The team at Q Source is excited about the opportunities this collaboration with Columbia Cleanroom brings because it allows the company to offer its valued customers the highest quality cleanroom stationery and consumables, backed by more than 40 years of expertise and innovation.

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