The Murray Percival Company proudly unveils its latest promotion, spotlighting its range of depanelizers. Known for exceptional performance and efficiency, these high-quality depanelizers are now readily available, complemented by spare blades and expert blade sharpening services. Often dubbed as “pizza cutters” because of their precision cutting mechanism, these depanelizers signify a blend of cutting-edge technology and precise engineering that adds unmatched value to electronics manufacturing processes.

Mark Percival Jr., MARCOM Manager at The Murray Percival Co., said, “We are excited to heavily promote Murray Percival Depanelizers to our customers, adding another valuable asset to their toolkits. These depanelizers stand as a testament to the seamless integration of advanced technology and precision engineering, ensuring that our clients consistently achieve flawless and dependable depanelization outcomes. Available in both manual and automated versions, they cater to the diverse process enhancement needs of our customers.”

Depanelization, the pivotal process of separating individual PCBs from a panel, plays a pivotal role in electronics manufacturing. These depanelizers provide manufacturers with a dependable solution for efficient and precise PCB separation.

Kelly Voorheis, SMT Manager at KMC Controls, highlighted the transformative impact of Murray Percival Depanelizers, saying, “This machine has significantly elevated our yield of high-quality circuit boards, ready for the next phase of unit assembly. The depanelizer’s guides and speed control offer enhanced precision and control during the cutting process, ensuring smooth and effortless separation. We chose Murray Percival for this product due to our longstanding relationship with them. Over the years, they’ve consistently provided excellent support and customer service, helping us identify the right equipment to enhance our processes and meet our goals.”

For electronics manufacturers seeking top-tier depanelizers at exclusive prices, Murray Percival Depanelizers are now available at a discounted rate through the Murray Percival Company website. To explore the comprehensive offering of these depanelizers or to receive a quote please visit

About Murray Percival
The Murray Percival Company is a third-generation family-owned business that have been in business for over 60 years. With their vast knowledge of the PCB industry and wide offering of assembly equipment and production supplies, the Murray Percival Co. remains on the leading edge of the industry. It is their goal to provide legendary service, improve processes, maximize ROIs, and go the extra mile to make sure they are exceeding customer expectations.