StenTech® Inc., the leading multinational SMT Printing Solutions company, is pleased to announce the installation of a brand-new, state-of-the-art laser system at its facility in Guadalajara, Mexico. This investment in the latest iteration of the StencilLaser G6080, manufactured by Germany-based LPKF Laser & Electronics, marks a significant milestone for the SMT industry in Mexico and underscores StenTech’s commitment to its valued local customer base in Jalisco.

The StencilLaser G6080 is a flagship laser system, renowned for its best-in-class technology, serving the most demanding stencil users in the SMT industry. The system features a custom carbon fiber architecture, ensuring superior positioning accuracy and sidewall quality while maximizing productivity. Capable of cutting both stainless steel and nickel stencils with material thicknesses ranging from 20 um to 1 mm (0.8 to 40 mil), this cutting-edge laser technology empowers StenTech to deliver exceptional stencil solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

“We are excited to introduce the latest LPKF StencilLaser to our Mexico operations,” said Brent Nolan, CEO of StenTech. “This cutting-edge laser system represents the newest and most advanced technology deployed in the country, reaffirming our dedication to providing our valued customers in Jalisco with the best solutions available in the market.”

LPKF’s North American President, Stephan Schmidt, expressed his enthusiasm for the global partnership with StenTech, stating, “We truly value the collaboration with StenTech and its commitment to elevating quality standards in the SMT industry. The StencilLaser G6080 is a testament to the continuous pursuit of excellence shared by both companies.”

In addition to its latest investment in industry leading technology, StenTech’s Guadalajara facility also offers an array of cutting-edge capabilities, including Advanced Nano Coating, tooling solutions, and unparalleled customer service. The combination of these advanced offerings positions StenTech as a trusted partner for the most demanding stencil projects, meeting the unique needs of its customers across various industries.

StenTech’s continued commitment to deploying LPKF technology ensures that its customers benefit from the most innovative and reliable stencil solutions in the market. The investment in the StencilLaser G6080 further strengthens StenTech’s position as the leader in the stencil industry, dedicated to delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction.

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