Count On Tools, Inc. (COT), a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, is pleased to announce Executive Manager, Donna Shook’s 25th anniversary with the company.

Donna’s journey at Count On Tools is a testament to her commitment, dedication and passion for excellence. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership and played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success.

Donna’s career at Count On Tools began in 1998, when she joined the company in a shipping and receiving capacity. Over the years, her talent, dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence earned her several promotions, ultimately leading to her current role as Executive Manager. Throughout her journey, she has remained a driving force behind the company’s growth, innovation and customer-centric approach.

Under Shook’s leadership, Count On Tools has expanded its product offerings, enhanced customer experiences, and solidified its reputation as a trusted industry leader. Her ability to navigate challenges, inspire teams, and drive results has been instrumental in the company’s success.

“Donna Shook’s 25-year anniversary with Count On Tools is a remarkable achievement and a source of inspiration for all of us,” said Curt Couch, Vice President at Count On Tools. “Her dedication and commitment to our company’s mission have been instrumental in our growth and success. We are incredibly proud to have Donna as an integral part of our team and look forward to many more years of shared accomplishments.”

Count On Tools is a leading provider of precision machined components, SMT spare parts and Swiss-made hand tools, locally and globally. The company has won numerous awards for its quality products and service.

Count On Tools holds and maintains current ITAR registration, 07FFL, 02SOT, and a first-class Quality Management System. For assistance with SMT needs or quotes for in stock items, contact

About Count On Tools Inc
Count On Tools Inc., a precision component manufacturer specializing in all aspects of the machining industry, has been setting new performance standards in the SMT pick-and-place nozzle market since 1991. As the ORIGINAL source for high-quality, low-cost vacuum placement nozzles and associated consumables, they have pioneered with world-class development and process engineers that combine to ensure that innovation and competitiveness is applied to all of its extensive product range. The company also stands behind its products 100% with a full warranty. Count On Tools’ products are in use at many of the world’s leading electronics manufacturing companies. Proven engineering expertise, coupled with the latest in design and manufacturing technology, has allowed the company to simplify the complexities of the industry and deliver a solution to its customers.

The company also maintains and supports a strong position in the hand tool industry, offering the highest quality hand tools in the world with PB Swiss Tools. These tools compliment any and all high-tech environments requiring optimum performance from both their equipment and technicians.