Vitronics Soltec has redesigned the ZEVAm+ Selective Soldering Machine to accommodate board sizes up to 510mm x 510mm (20 x 20 inch). The ZEVAm+ is designed for high-mix, low volume manufacturers such as automotive and the increasing demand for electronic vehicles is driving demand for larger board sizes.

The ZEVAm+ is preferred by many because of it’s unique advantages for fine pitch selective soldering. Bridging is the leading cause of defects on boards with fine-pitch components. ZEVA’s patented Bridge Prevention Technology acts as a hot nitrogen knife to prevent bridging for small pitch up to 1mm (40mil) pin to pin distance even with longer leads and increased drag speed.

Bridge Prevention Technology enables the use of maintenance-free non-wettable nozzles for more consistent soldering results over time. The tool is integrated with a non-wettable nozzle that is 3D printed out of stainless steel and hard chromized for maintenance free, infinitely long life. This ensures the nitrogen flow has a fixed position to the wave for a highly repeatable bridge prevention process.

ZEVA’s high frequency drop jet fluxer delivers a wider range of flux droplets, increased accuracy, and faster cycle times. Closed loop flux volume control is available for even greater consistency and traceability. And a second flux tank allows refilling without stopping production.

The ZEVAm+ is designed to produce the highest possible yields for high mix, low volume, fine-pitch applications. All the advantages of ZEVAm+ are now available to manufacturers who are processing larger board sizes.

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