Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is excited to announce its participation at SMTA International. The event will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minnesota from Oct. 10-11, 2023. Seika Machinery will present an impressive array of state-of-the-art solutions that cater to diverse manufacturing needs in booth 1500.

Attendees at the SMTA International exhibition will have the opportunity to explore Seika Machinery’s finest offerings that are designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity.

Featured Solutions at SMTA International:

Sayaka CT34XJ Router: Seika Machinery will showcase the advanced Sayaka CT34XJ Router, a versatile machine that provides precise PCB depaneling and routing. With its exceptional accuracy and efficiency, the Sayaka CT34XJ is a game-changer for the electronics industry.

Unitech PCB Cleaner: Seika Machinery’s Unitech PCB Cleanr delivers superior cleaning performance, ensuring spotless PCBs and enhanced product reliability.

Kyowa Strain Gage Tester: Kyowa’s PCAS-1000 series is a specially designed kit for printed circuit assembly stress measurement. The strain gage kit comes with a special software package for measurement in accordance with IPC/JEDEC-9704A and a sensor interface, enabling even a beginner for strain measurement easy to measure stress of a PCA.

The Malcom RCX Series Modular Reflow Oven Profiling System: The RCX Series offers complete profiling of reflow ovens, including oven temperature, video imaging, O2 concentration and convection air velocity. It verifies that ovens are performing at optimal conditions and enables users to troubleshoot problem areas.

PCU-02V Viscometer: The PCU-02V Viscometer is a standout product in Seika Machinery’s lineup. Designed to measure the viscosity of solder paste, it enables manufacturers to achieve optimal soldering results.

SWB-2 Dip Wetting Balance Tester: The Malcom SWB-2 Wetting Balance Tester takes the “Dip & Look” method to the next level by actually measuring the wetting forces during the soldering process. The tester has been designed to evaluate the effectiveness of different solder and flux combinations on a standardized test coupon, or your own test pieces.

Seika Machinery invites attendees to visit their booth at SMTA International 2023 and experience firsthand the innovative solutions that are shaping the future of manufacturing. Experts will be available to provide insights, answer questions, and demonstrate the capabilities of the showcased products.

For more information, contact Michelle Ogihara at 310-540-7310; e-mail; or visit