Count On Tools, Inc. (COT), a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, is pleased to announce its latest advancement in precision component handling – a tailored solution for efficiently handling BrightKing Gas Discharge Tubes and Melf components. This breakthrough solution, part number 2018-3912, is facilitated by the integration of the Custom Yamaha YS12/24 type 318a/307a base and ANE tool stand, enabling customers to achieve precise and reliable pick-and-place operations.

BrightKing Gas Discharge Tubes and Melf components are integral elements in various electronics applications, demanding accurate handling to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Count On Tools’ innovative solution leverages the Custom Yamaha YS12/24 type 318a/307a base and ANE tool stand to enable seamless pick-and-place operations, ensuring that components are placed accurately and reliably.

The solution is equipped with a specialized blade style nozzle measuring 2 x 6.2 mm, perfectly designed to handle these specific components with utmost accuracy. With the 3.1 mm melf radius, customers experience increased efficiency in pick-and-place operations, leading to improved overall manufacturing productivity.

Count On Tools’ expertise in providing precision component handling solutions ensures that customers benefit from reduced handling errors, minimized production downtime, and enhanced manufacturing consistency. By streamlining the handling process for these critical components, manufacturers can enjoy increased production efficiency and product reliability.

Being a one-stop shop, the company strives to offer the widest range of SMT nozzles and consumables as possible. All COT products are new and meet or exceed all OEM specifications. COT parts are a direct replacement, ultimately saving over buying directly from the OEM.

Count On Tools is a leading provider of precision machined components, SMT spare parts and Swiss-made hand tools, locally and globally. The company has won numerous awards for its quality products and service.

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