PBT Works s.r.o. (in cooperation with MaRC Technologies), a leading manufacturer of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling, will exhibit at the SMTA High Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference. The event is scheduled to take place from Aug. 29-31, 2023 at The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Texas.

At the conference, PBT Works and MaRC Technologies will jointly discuss their innovative cleaning solutions, including the HyperSWASH III and SuperSWASH III cleaning systems. Both systems are engineered to deliver exceptional cleaning performance and provide 100 percent closed-loop cleaning for optimal reliability and precision.

The HyperSWASH III is a versatile cleaning powerhouse that can function as two cleaning machines in one, thanks to its two flexible interchangeable setups – the COMBO and the TWINGO. The COMBO setup offers expanded capacity with three baskets, while the TWINGO accommodates large and complex boards in two frames. This flexibility allows the HyperSWASH III to address a wide array of cleaning needs, effectively handling challenging assemblies with the largest BGAs and QFNs. Moreover, it enables cleaning in magazines from IC packaging lines or special magazines supplied by PBT Works, which can be loaded/unloaded on standard SMT line loaders. The HyperSWASH III’s comprehensive capabilities make it an ideal choice for high-reliability cleaning applications.

The SuperSWASH III, on the other hand, is specially designed for customers seeking the best cleaning results without the need for automation or very high throughput. Perfect for medium to low quantities of complex products, the SuperSWASH III is capable of delivering precise cleaning for high-density SMD assemblies. The system’s flexibility allows for easy adjustment to clean any size and shape parts, ensuring versatility and efficiency in the cleaning process.

PBT Works is EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certified. For more information, visit www.pbt-worksusa.com.

For more information about MaRC Technologies, contact (503) 723-0962 or visit  www.marctechnologies.biz.