As a key component of manufacturing processes, parts cleaning ensures the quality and function of increasingly compact and complex products. The required technical cleanliness however cannot be generated with just a single cleaning step at the end of the process chain – instead, it needs to be performed along the entire chain. The exhibitors at parts2clean will provide information about the different factors that need to be taken into account, at the same time presenting solutions for adapted, efficient and sustainable preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning. The supporting program at the 20th edition of the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, running from 26 to 28 September 2023 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany, will also impart substantial know-how and expertise in the field.

Components for innovative products are becoming increasingly compact and complex in virtually all sectors of industry. At the same time, the demands on the performance and reliability of products are increasing. This results in a significantly higher sensitivity of the parts to contamination and machining residues from the production process. The particulate and film cleanliness required for high quality and the safe functioning of the products can thus not be achieved with just a single cleaning step at the end of production. Rather, it is necessary to evaluate each processing step, for example milling, forming, coating or assembling, with regard to its influence on the technical cleanliness of the entire product. “The tasks in parts and surface cleaning have not only become more diverse in recent years, but also more demanding,” reports Christoph Nowak, Project Director at Deutsche Messe AG. “For the changed spectrum of tasks, exhibitors at parts2clean will present future-oriented solutions optimally adapted to the respective production step, component geometry and material, as well as contamination and cleanliness requirements. And that’s regardless of whether it’s a matter of preliminary or intermediate cleaning or final cleaning.” This approach ensures that the required results are achieved in a stable, efficient and sustainable manner, even in high-purity cleaning applications, such as those found in the semiconductor supply industry, medical technology, sensor technology, electronics, aviation and aerospace, plus a range of electromobility areas.

Everything for process-secure, efficient and sustainable cleaning

Parts2clean features every segment of industrial parts and surface cleaning, including all the relevant suppliers. The range of products and services includes equipment, systems, media and process technologies as well as containers and workpiece carriers for fluid-based processes and energy-efficient drying as well as solutions for water treatment and bath care. This also includes options for optimizing existing processes and designing them to be more energy-efficient. Technologies for dry cleaning will also be presented, for example CO2 snow blasting, plasma, laser, vibration, compressed air and vacuum bakeout processes. Other areas include the control, monitoring and inspection of cleaning, rinsing and drying processes, as well as the achieved cleanliness. Innovative solutions will also be presented in the segments of cleaning automation, including parts handling, and for the digitization and intelligent integration of cleaning processes in connected production environments. Topics such as a cleanliness-compatible manufacturing environment, for example clean rooms, cleaning services and technical literature complete the range of offerings. “On the one hand, parts2clean offers cleaning technology users from product processing and the full range of manufacturing sectors a comprehensive overview of development trends, technologies, procedures and processes that is unparalleled at any other trade fair in the world,” reports Nowak. “On the other hand, the various products and services can be directly compared and solutions for individual tasks can be specifically discussed with the various suppliers.”

Supporting program for knowledge transfer and know-how generation

In addition to the exhibitor presentations, the sophisticated supporting program offers visitors a wide range of information, impetus and valuable knowledge for designing cleaning processes that are future-proof and sustainable, adapted to the respective requirements. This includes the special show “Technical Cleanliness”, organized jointly with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center).

In addition to presentations on current trends and developments and an exciting program of lectures, the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) will be presenting a highlight at its special show area: the presentation of the 2nd FiT2clean Award. This annual award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, honors outstanding achievements and innovative solutions in industrial parts cleaning.

The three-day integrated Expert Forum at parts2clean, whose technical coordination is being handled by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Business Unit and the FiT, is one of the most popular sources of knowledge internationally. The simultaneously translated presentations (English <> German) delivered by high-ranking experts from industry and associations, as well as from science and research, offer a wealth of information on basic principles, solutions for optimizing cleaning processes, various developments and trends in industrial parts and surface cleaning, as well as on benchmark applications in selected industries and innovations in cleaning technology. Participation in the Expert Forum is free of charge for parts2clean visitors. Information on the supporting program as well as the full program of presentations at the Expert Forum will be available shortly at the parts2clean homepage