Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the launch of their new hybrid 2-axis scan head, Versia. Engineered with performance, adaptability for a broad range of applications, and system integration in mind, the new Versia scan head features Novanta’s industry-leading galvanometers and latest innovation in digital servo board technology to enable complex laser processing jobs.

“Our team is proud to release the next generation scan head that meets our customers laser application challenges with superior performance. This 14 mm aperture scanner is engineered in a compact form factor, following the industrial design language that was first established by our Movia and Firefly 3D enclosed scan heads. Versia is built on Novanta’s innovative digital servo platform, which enables premium features such as skywriting, multiple tunes and advanced capabilities for systems based on analog galvos. We believe this is a game-changer for mid-range scanners.” says Jens Hupkau, Vice President of Engineering.

This new mid-range 2-axis scan head offers OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and systems integrators a compact, versatile solution for fast-changing application needs. Key features include:

• Versatility to support multiple applications enabled by multi-tune capability.

• Monitor performance thanks to bi-directional communication for position feedback and other parameters.

• Supports multiple communication protocols with up to 20-bit command resolution.

• Optimized performance with dynamically matched mirror design.

• Water and air cooling features to ensure high accuracy for most demanding scan jobs.

• Compact, industrial design to reduce system footprint and enable easy system integration.

Novanta develops advanced components and sub-systems for a wide range of applications through its industry-leading brands, Synrad and Cambridge Technology. The company’s unique product range and engineering expertise from laser source through beam delivery provides OEMs and system integrators with seamless solutions, even for the most complex applications.

Versia is compatible with Novanta’s laser processing components including ScanMaster laser controller and software, and lasers with up to 200 Watts. For more information visit product page.

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