TAGARNO, a leading provider of digital microscopes, today announced the launch of its new Glare Removal feature, a groundbreaking advancement that empowers microscope operators to capture glare-free images of magnified samples effortlessly.

Glare is a common challenge in microscopy that significantly impacts image quality. It arises from reflections and light scattering within the microscope system, resulting in reduced contrast, loss of detail and distortion. While anti-reflective coatings, polarizers and aperture control have been employed as conventional measures to minimize reflections and mitigate glare, TAGARNO takes the solution to the next level with its innovative Glare Removal feature.

Left to right: before and after using TAGARNO’s Glare Removal feature

The Glare Removal feature leverages intelligent control of the ring light through cutting-edge software functionality, effectively eliminating unwanted reflections and delivering crystal-clear, glare-free visuals automatically. With just the press of a button, microscope operators can capture glare-free images with remarkable ease and convenience. Simply press the snapshot key on the control box and the microscope will intelligently capture and merge a series of individually lit images, resulting in a single, high-quality glare-free image.

“We are excited to introduce the Glare Removal feature to our customers,” said Anders Ravnskjær Pedersen, Head of R&D, at TAGARNO. “This innovative functionality represents a significant leap forward in microscopy imaging, allowing users to effortlessly obtain glare-free images with superior clarity and accuracy. By automating the process of capturing and combining images, the Glare Removal feature eliminates the complexities associated with glare, enabling users to focus on their analysis and research.”

By providing an efficient and user-friendly solution to tackle glare, TAGARNO empowers researchers, scientists and professionals in various fields to achieve precise and reliable microscopic imaging.

Customers currently operating a firmware compatible microscope from TAGARNO can simply update the microscope to the latest firmware version for free on the TAGARNO website. The feature will come standard on any new firmware compatible TAGARNO microscope purchases.

For more information about TAGARNO’s Glare Removal feature and its range of digital microscopy solutions, please visit www.tagarno.com.