For a limited time, PACE Worldwide is offering a $100 off list sale price on all of their ADS200 soldering stations. The discount will be available through PACE’s network of distributors or directly through their website.

The ADS200 features the TD-200 AccuDrive® Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron, with its sleek, ergonomic, aircraft-grade aluminum handle designed to stay cool and comfortable during continuous production soldering. Blue Series Tip-Heater Cartridges integrate a high-accuracy sensor with a robust heater, delivering up to 120 Watts of power that allow you to solder the highest mass D-PAK components to the most delicate 01005 chips safely and rapidly–even on the heaviest PCBs. Unlike Curie point systems, select any temperature (from 380°F/193°C to 850°F/454°C) without changing the cartridge – one tip, any temperature! The quick-change cartridges can be swapped out while hot, and achieve set temperatures instantly. Yet the tip cartridges are much more economical than most other cartridge style or Curie point tips. PACE’s AccuDrive temperature control technology delivers unsurpassed thermal performance and highly accurate temperatures, without the need for calibration. Its advanced electronics provide instantaneous load sensing and on-demand power to quickly reflow solder joints at the lowest, safest temperature required, regardless of the mass of the application, which also greatly extends tip life. Intended for extreme multi-shift production use, the ADS200 features a rugged, all-metal design, including housing, soldering iron and tool stand. The system is intuitive and easy to operate – just power it on, set the temperature with arrow keys and start soldering. No training required.

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