Incap Electronics Estonia has been awarded a golden label by the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia. The responsible business label has become a prestigious symbol in Estonia that identifies entrepreneurs and organisations that uphold responsible values.

The Managing Director of Incap Estonia, Margus Jakobson, said that responsible entrepreneurship has always been an integral part of Incap’s business strategy and that receiving a prestigious golden label as a symbol for it is a great honour.

“Our team has remained dedicated to prioritising the most significant aspects of economic, social, and environmental corporate responsibility in our business. We initially achieved the bronze label in 2019, followed by the silver label in 2021. Now, with the golden label, we proudly showcase our consistent progress and successful achievements over the years,” stated Jakobson.

To continue to be the trusted partner in the industry and to meet the increasing expectations of all its stakeholders also in the future, Incap established a Corporate Responsibility programme in 2020 and has presented three full-year reports introducing the journey of sustainable business. Jakobson expressed that the incorporation of specific key themes and the establishment of a reporting framework represent a significant milestone in advancing constantly towards a more sustainable future at Incap.

With more than 100 employees, Incap Estonia is an important employer in Saaremaa island, while manufacturing electronics that can be found for example in smart meters, in light electric vehicles on the streets, in smart led lights in different regions in Estonia as well as in the machinery of one of the world’s most famous maritime company. “Our priority lies in offering our employees meaningful work and favourable working conditions, while also making a positive contribution to the local community. For instance, we are one of the largest employers in the area and continuously improve our work environment. Additionally, we support training and education for aspiring individuals in the Estonian electronics industry,” says Jakobson.

“As a large manufacturing unit, we are actively working towards minimising our environmental footprint,” Jakobson explained. “For instance, we are continuously seeking ways to optimise energy usage, while incorporating more renewable energy sources in our production processes, and fully transitioning to LED lights, which has significantly reduced our energy consumption. Additionally, we have updated our recycling system and implemented an e-invoicing system as part of our digitalisation efforts in the factory. These are just a few examples of our commitment to sustainability.”

The Responsible Business Forum in Estonia hands out quality awards in the gold, silver, and bronze level, based on the evaluation of several categories: organisation’s corporate responsibility in environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

The assessment methodology of the competition has been developed in cooperation with international experts, following the principles of the UN Global Compact, ESG assessment frameworks and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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