METCAL™, a leader in benchtop soldering systems, announces the release of their new CV-IOT Gateway Module and desktop application which enables operations management to collect advanced soldering data from every benchtop station on their network.

By connecting the CV-IOT gateway to a Metcal Connection Validation™ (CV) soldering system and a computer or network, operations can utilize information on every joint to improve process control and efficiency in the soldering process.  A standard handheld barcode scanner can easily be added to the setup for board-level traceability.

Using the desktop application, managers can easily analyze the data collected by the system to evaluate operator efficiency, quality of solder joints, temperature and power profiles, and even the cartridges used (including geometries, part numbers, serial numbers, and lot codes) for each soldering process. Alerts can also be set up to notify managers in real-time when processes are not being followed or when there is a concern with a soldering station.

The information from each solder event is stored using a standard database structure, ensuring the data is compatible with standard database applications and is easily accessible by the software application.

To ensure data security, the CV-IOT module plugs directly into the CV unit and the computer or network only through a wired connection.

The CV-IOT is expected to be particularly crucial for manufacturers where maximizing process control and traceability is essential.

“CV-IOT makes real-time process control and traceability simple,” said Seerena Wright, Metcal Product Manager. “CV-IOT allows users to quickly see what is happening throughout their operation, and to easily spot spikes or dips in throughput, identify potential problems, and trace the source of solder joint faults.”

CV-IOT is compatible with all Metcal Connection Validation™ soldering systems. The CV-IOT desktop application requires Windows 10, Intel® Core™ i5 CPU or better, 2 GB of RAM, Intel® HD Graphics, at least 150 GB of storage, and Ethernet 10/100.

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Metcal is a benchtop solutions innovator, leading the way in hand soldering, convection rework, fume extraction, and fluid dispensing since 1982. Offering unrivalled performance, risk mitigation, and ROI, Metcal gives electronics manufacturers the tools and confidence they need to develop faster, safer, advanced products.

With SmartHeat® and Connection Validation™, Metcal has empowered global OEM and electronics assembly manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and military sectors.

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