TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications, will showcase its extensive portfolio of optoelectronic sensors at Sensors Converge 2023 in Santa Clara, California, from 21 – 22 June. Products displayed in TT’s booth #722 will include discretes, optoisolators, hall effect sensors, fiber optics, reflective sensors, slotted switches, visible LEDs, fluid sensors, and high-reliability sensors.

The TT team will highlight its FlexSense™ optical encoder sensors, boasting features such as auto-alignment, a closed-loop LED driver, on-chip diagnostics, a state-of-the-art 8x interpolator, and adaptability to multiple code-disk diameters and pulses per revolution. Booth demos will also illustrate how simple it is to re-calibrate the FlexSense chip to meet requirements in ever-changing scenarios.

Visit the Sensors Converge Live Theater from 10:45 AM to 11 AM PDT on Thursday, June 22, for the session titled “Smart Optical Encoders Accelerate Innovation in Automation and Robotics for Industry 4.0.” In this talk, TT Business Development Engineer, Sergey Komarov, will share insight into how smart optical encoders, such as TT’s patented FlexSense optical sensory array, are driving innovation in the automation and robotics space. Attendees will learn about the benefits of smart sensing technologies, where digitized intelligent platforms enable best-in-class, data-driven manufacturing processes.

Sensors Converge attendees will have the opportunity to meet with TT Electronics experts, learn about FlexSense and TT’s optical solution portfolio, and determine which solution is best for their unique application.

For more information about TT Electronics, please visit Sensors Converge booth #722 and follow TT Electronics on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About TT Electronics plc
TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications.
TT solves electronics challenges for a sustainable world. TT benefits from enduring megatrends in structurally high-growth markets including healthcare, aerospace, defence, electrification, and automation. TT invests in R&D to create designed-in products where reliability is mission critical. Products designed and manufactured include sensors, power management and connectivity solutions. TT has design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, North America, Sweden, and Asia.