StenTech® Inc., the leading multinational SMT Printing Solutions company, is pleased to announce that Greg Starrett, Director of Sales, will present at the Long Island Chapter In-Person Technical Meeting on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The event will be held at Zebra Technologies and will cover the topic of “Fine Feature Paste Printing, Stencil Design and Solder Technology.”

As consumers demand more functionality in increasingly compact devices, the process window for PCB assembly has become narrower due to the miniaturization of component patterns. The presentations will explore how printing machine technology, stencil manufacturers, and solder paste manufacturers have adapted to meet this challenge.

Attendees will learn about the latest advancements in printing machine technology, including new print head technologies and vision systems developed for greater precision. Additionally, solder paste manufacturers have designed materials to provide stable transfer efficiencies, improved wetting, and low voiding properties. They continue to develop smaller particle size solder paste and improved flux chemistries for smaller aperture printing.

Mr. Starrett will discuss how stencil manufacturers have developed new technologies, materials, and techniques such as electroformed stencils and nano coatings to improve print quality and increase the printing process window.

This meeting promises to be informative and valuable to anyone involved in the PCB assembly process, particularly those who are dealing with fine pitch component patterns on PCBs.

About StenTech, Inc.
StenTech has been leading the way in laser cut stencils, being the first company to introduce Fiber Diode lasers into North America. With over 20 experienced CAD designers, their strength is the support they provide in stencil edits, material, and thickness recommendations.  StenTech offers a complete array of stencil technology, custom-tailored to suit your manufacturing requirements. They manufacture any type of stencil for the SMT industry.

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