Intraratio, a provider of enterprise software solutions, is pleased to offer RunCard, a fully digitized traceability system for advanced manufacturing operations. RunCard provides real-time visibility and control for manufacturing processes, from new product introduction (NPI) to high-volume global production.

RunCard is a full-featured Manufacturing Execution System for manufacturing operations. The software enables manufacturers to digitize their factory operations, achieve Industry 4.0 capabilities, and gain complete control and visibility over their production processes.

RunCard provides fully digitized traceability, with automated process and quality management. It offers direct integrations to machines and suppliers for automated reporting and alerts, with real-time inventory backflushing. The software is compatible with a variety of manufacturing processes, from semi-backend through SMT and final system assembly, and can be rapidly deployed to bring complete traceability in as little as 12 weeks.

“Our solution is the most comprehensive in the industry, with the most advanced machine and supplier data integrations available,” said Ryan Gamble. “RunCard is a game-changer for advanced manufacturing operations, enabling them to completely digitize their operations to become more efficient and profitable.”

RunCard can be deployed on premise, cloud, or hybrid, and is accessible from a secure browser connection anywhere on the network. The software is designed to be easily scalable, from a single factory shop floor to globally connected factories and suppliers.

Intraratio provides enterprise software solutions to automate traceability and quality control of advanced electronics product manufacturing. The company serves the high-performance computing, automotive, space military, and medical device markets. Deployed globally, Intraratio’s platforms bring true visibility and scale to manufacturing operations anywhere.

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