Cetec ERP, a leading cloud ERP software provider, provides web-based ERP for Wire Harness & Cable Assembly. The company is known among electronics assembly companies as the industry standard business software system for ERP, MRP, QMS, MES, supply chain management and more.

Cetec ERP is a manufacturing-focused ERP with an integrated, intuitive, production-rich suite of features for shop floor management, inspections and data collection, time tracking, tool/asset maintenance, that is built for customers to more effectively manage a complex high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environment.

Additionally, Cetec ERP helps customers manage high-mix inventories with thousands of product SKUs using mobile tablets, scanners and barcode labels, for powerful inventory control and traceability. End-to-end cost estimation across complex multi-level BOM structures help predict material and labor costs of demanding customer requirements and quick turn jobs.

Cetec ERP’s leading-edge system helps customers handle stringent regulatory requirements and track dynamic production environments, all from a single, friendly web interface. All modules, support, maintenance and upgrades are included in the monthly subscription.

To learn more, visit http://cetecerp.com/.