MIRTEC Co. LTD, a ‘Leading Global Supplier’ of Automated Optical Inspection equipment to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry, reports continued growth in Sales Revenue for its North American Sales and Service Division for 2022.  “We are very pleased to announce that sales revenue for our North American Division has grown by over 22.6% with respect to 2021.” stated Brian D’Amico, President of MIRTEC Corp.

D’Amico attributes this impressive growth to record demand for MIRTEC’s MV-6 OMNI In-Line 3D AOI system and MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI system.  Customer demand for these two Award-Winning platforms as well as the equally impressive MS-11e 3D SPI system continues to fuel MIRTEC’s expansion within the highly competitive SMT inspection market.

The MV-6 OMNI combines MIRTEC’s exclusive 15MP or 25MP CoaXPress Camera Technology with its proprietary OMNI-VISION® 12 Projection Digital 3D Moiré Technology to provide precision inspection of SMT devices on finished PCB assemblies.

The Award-Winning MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI system is configured with the same hardware and software as MIRTEC’s in-line OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Systems providing 100% compatibility across MIRTEC’s entire 3D AOI product line.  Without question, the MV-3 OMNI is the most Technologically Advanced Desktop 3D AOI machine in the World!

The Award-Winning MS-11E 3D SPI Machine is also configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive CoaXPress Camera Technology, providing enhanced image quality, superior accuracy and incredibly fast inspection rates. The machine uses Dual Projection Shadow Free Moiré Phase Shift Image Processing to inspect solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging.  The MS-11e uses the same robust platform as MIRTEC’s MV-6 OMNI Series.

MIRTEC continues to set new standards within the highly competitive Electronics Inspection Industry,” continued D’Amico. “These revolutionary products provide unprecedented 3D inspection performance and the industry’s lowest cost of ownership making them an ideal solution for electronics manufacturing companies of all sizes. On behalf of all of us at MIRTEC I want to thank our valued customers for your business confidence and your support. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your production quality objectives.  We look forward to contributing to your success in 2023 and beyond!”

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