As a leading global partner for flexible PCB assembly solutions, Mycronic will continue to respond to growing customer demand for standardized software integration and state-of-the-art inspection technologies at IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, January 24-26, 2023. In addition to the latest factory connectivity, PCB assembly, jet printing, dispensing, coating and material handling solutions, the company will introduce major advances in 3D inspection technologies, auto-assisted programming and factory connectivity.

Boosting quality and productivity

As a turnkey solution provider for all process steps in PCB assembly, Mycronic will be welcoming visitors to discover a wide range of assembly process solutions at IPC APEX EXPO. Manufacturers will have a chance to discuss directly with Mycronic’s experts in inspection, printing, placement, material handling, dispensing and coating, and factory connectivity.

In today’s intelligent manufacturing environment, significant productivity gains can be made through improvements in data management and human-machine interaction. APEX visitors will have the opportunity to discuss the latest solutions to these information bottlenecks with Mycronic’s experts, whatever their production mix or class may be.

High-reliability manufacturers of aerospace, medical and automotive electronics will have a chance to discover a comprehensive range of process control, traceability and dispensing solutions. For those aiming to increase first pass yield with minimal programming and takt times, a number of next-generation inspection technologies will also be highlighted, including the new Iris™ 3D AOI vision technology and Escape Tracker programming assistant.

We’ve already experienced huge interest in our latest breakthrough innovations in 3D inspection,” says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP High Flex. “The hardware, programming software and user interfaces have all been developed together with leading tier-one customers to make high-performance 3D inspection more accessible and future-proof for all types of manufacturing environments.”

A new generation of advanced AOI

The MYPro I series 3D AOI, released in 2022, is the company’s latest flagship in-line inspection system capable of continually improving product quality and first pass yield for all types of PCBs. On display at APEX will be the new Iris 3D AOI vision technology, which enables manufacturers to improve test coverage while capturing the industry’s highest-resolution images at speeds up to thirty percent faster than previous technologies. APEX visitors will have the opportunity to witness Iris in action at the Mycronic booth to see its breakthrough capabilities firsthand. The Iris 3D vision technology is available on all new MYPro I51/81/91 AOI systems as well as through upgrades to existing 2D and 3D AOI machines.

Escape Tracker, a real-time programming assistant that is part of the MYWizard programming software, will demonstrate entirely new levels of reliability and speed in inspection programming. A live demo will show how the software continuously scans and updates the system’s inspection library to eliminate escapes, substantially reducing false calls and consistently enhancing inspection models over time. Thanks to a unique combination of advanced machine vision and machine learning, the software enables efficient pattern and image recognition to simplify program fine-tuning regardless of production conditions or programmer skill levels.

Enhanced connectivity and process control

New for APEX is the MYPro Connect connectivity platform, which enables plug-and-play connectivity with all leading IPC-CFX-compatible MES and ERP systems. The platform’s standardized data exchange eliminates the need for custom integration and ensures stable connectivity to support the need for advanced traceability, changeover management and controlled assembly automation at the board level. With all MYPro process steps also Hermes compliant, Mycronic’s connectivity solutions fully support EMS and OEMs in their Industry 4.0 strategies.

MYPro Link and MYCenter Analysis, which enable real-time performance monitoring and root cause analysis, will demonstrate the power of real-time KPIs to improve process performance. The MYPro Link software, which correlates data between solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection, helps to improve inspection efficiency and line performance, while MYCenter Analysis provides opportunities to monitor and improve placement process efficiency. Both products help operators efficiently troubleshoot and resolve production quality and utilization issues with detailed drill downs into relevant production images.

To further improve component storage and handling, the MYTower series X high-capacity intelligent storage solution will also be exhibited at APEX. These latest MYTower models provide up to twice the storage capacity compared with their predecessors of the same height, ensuring safe storage and material automation for a vast range of components, thereby preventing the assembly line’s efficiency from being impacted by component supply issues. The top-of-the-range MYTower 6X, for example, can store more than 2,468 4mm-thick component reels within a footprint less than 2 square meters.

Tailored solutions for automated electronics protection

To meet growing demand for high-precision electronics protection, Mycronic has continued on its path of rapid innovation and customer-driven development to firmly establish its MYSmart series of coating and dispensing solutions as a leading choice among global tier-one manufacturers. At IPC APEX EXPO visitors can experience versatile conformal coating and dispensing solutions and the latest valve technologies.

Producers of consumer electronics will welcome the high-speed jet dispensing valve technologies available for the MY700 Jet Dispenser, making it the industry’s fastest all-material jetting system. Wherever large-area, random-dot dispensing patterns are crucial to manufacturing quality and efficiency, the new jetting system brings the speed and accuracy of the MY700 into a far wider range of dispensing fluid applications.

These are really exciting times for the industry,” says Kevin Clue, VP Global Sales High Flex. “I’m thrilled to welcome visitors to APEX, which is a golden opportunity to explore new ways to improve manufacturing flexibility, quality and productivity together.”

To experience live demos and to learn more about Mycronic’s MYPro Line, software and connectivity solutions, and MYSmart dispensing and coating platforms, visit booth #1339 at IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, January 24-26, 2023.

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