New Cable Shaving Tool from Jonard Tools Makes It Easy to Get into Thick Jacketed Cables

Jonard Tools’ newest cabling tool, the RocketRibbon® Cable Shaving Tool (RRS-1222) makes opening thick jacketed cables faster and safer.

This cable shaving tool is designed to create “windows” or access spots on cables that are 0.47″ to 0.87″ (12 – 22 mm) in diameter such as Corning’s armored and non-armored RocketRibbon® cable. This cable shaving tool has a rugged body features an ultra-sharp SK5 steel blade which means the blade is not only tough and durable it also has excellent edge retention.

The RRS-1222 cable shaving tool features an ergonomic handle to provide extra leverage and an adjustable guide that allows a user to hold the cable as it’s being used, and it allows a user to change the angle on the blade to suit a variety of cable jacket sizes.

This shaving tool is essential for accessing the fiber ribbons in cables such as Corning’s RocketRibbon®. It has been specifically designed to easily and safely create window access in armored and non-armored cabling,” says Michael DeGirolamo, Jonard Tools Product Engineer. “The RRS-1222 shaving tool’s ultra-sharp blade makes it easy to slice through those thick jackets, rather than using a knife, which can lead to accidents and injuries.”

When the time comes, the blades on the RRS-1222 are easily replaceable and can be purchased separately (RRS-1222RB, Replacement Blades).

Lastly, as with most of our hand tools, the RRS-1222 is backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy.

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Jonard Tools’ New Microduct Sheath Slitting Tool Opens Cables with Ease   

Jonard Tools’ newest addition, the Microduct Sheath Slitting Tool (MDS-100), is slender, portable, and an all-around must-have tool for opening the sheaths on microduct bundles.

The MDS-100, Microduct Sheath Slitting Tool features a narrow and unique head shaped to slice through microduct sheaths, up to 2 mm in thickness, easily while preventing accidental nicks and cuts. The safety head contains high-carbon steel blades, perfect for slitting or removing the sheaths off microduct bundles.

The MDS-100 sheath slitting tool is also designed with a thick handle to provide excellent control, as well as durability. The tool also comes with a loop on the end of the handle for attaching it to a tool belt, carabiner, or key ring.

This tool is really the simplest solution to opening sheathes on microduct bundles,” says Michael DeGirolamo, Jonard Tools Product Engineer. “The wings of the unit protect the microducts from damage, while the blade slits right through the sheath. It is so much safer and easier to use than a knife. I highly recommend this product for anyone dealing with microduct bundles.”

Lastly, as with most of our hand tools, the MDS-100 is backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy.

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