Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Arbell Electronics as its newest manufacturers‘ representative for its award-winning line of VERSAPRINT stencil printers. 

Arbell has been successfully serving the electronics industry for more than 40 years. Founded in 1968, it has grown to become the largest national distributor in Canada for production equipment and supplies and boasts Canada’s most in-depth line card and largest inventory levels.

Jean Verchere, Ersa’s sales manager of stencil printers – North America, is proud to announce the appointment of Arbell Electronics: “We are happy to welcome Arbell into the Ersa family.  For more than four decades they have been supporting their customers and providing solutions across Canada, and we look forward to their continued success with Ersa printers. A special thanks to Lee Wise, president of Arbell Electronics, and to everyone at Arbell across all of Canada.”

Ersa’s VERSAPRINT is the first stencil printer worldwide to offer fully integrated 100 percent 3D SPI – offering error detection before they appear through stencil inspection, zero reference measurement of the unprinted PCB and the inspection of complex PCBs directly after the printing process. The VERSAPRINT stencil printers with integrated 100% post print inspection have successfully established themselves in today’s market for electronic manufacturing equipment.  The VERSAPRINTS have long since outgrown the status of being “only a simple printer” and have transformed themselves into full-fledged multifunctional systems.  Extending 2D inspection, Ersa now presents the VERSAPRINT 3D-SPI – with even more process control and still minimal floor space requirements.

For more information on Ersa VERSAPRINT stencil printers, visit www.ersa.com or e-mail Jean Verchere at jean.verchere@kurtzersa.com.

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