Magnalytix, providing real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing, announces that it will partner with Restronics Southeast to host a J-STD-001H Objective Evidence for Reliability Workshop on August 25, 2022 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at STI Electronics in Madison, AL.

The Workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Qualifying and controlling either a cleaning or no-clean process
  • Requirements for developing an Objective Evidence Plan
  • Objective Evidence Template handout
  • Demo of Magnalytix OE-300 SIR/Process Control Testing System for the assembly floor

The Magnalytix OE-300 is a first-of-its-kind test system that enables assembly operations to promptly generate true objective evidence data during daily operations for effective process control.

The electrical test method exposes the test board to elevated temperature and humidity, which mobilize undesirable process residues. The Magnalytix OE-300 then detects the impact any mobilized metal ions have in the form of measurable leakage currents or fully formed dendrites, which can be the cause of intermittent or total device failure. The Process Control Test is performed over a 1-2 hour timeframe.

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About Magnalytix
Founded in 2018 by industry experts Dr. Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen, Magnalytix is at the forefront of an ongoing revolution in cleanliness reliability testing, bringing a new level of consistency and confidence to manufacturers and OEMs. Components are getting smaller and smaller, and electronics are playing a greater-than-ever role in our daily lives. Reliability matters more than ever. In today’s miniaturized manufacturing environment, precision cleaning process reliability is critical. And with products from medical devices to military weapons to self-driving automobiles, reliable electronics can be the difference between life and death. Now is the time and Magnalytix is ready with game-changing solutions that run in real-time in your process, on the factory floor.