CheckSum’s 12KN™ In-Circuit Test system was recently selected by a European Automotive supplier to support the expansion of their production test capacity for new projects in the EV market.

“The push towards EV is driving the use of more PCBAs in many applications where they did not exist in the past. As a result, we are seeing new applications with small, highly panelized boards.”

“CheckSum’s Parallel test dramatically reduces takt times by testing an entire panel of 4, 40, +100 boards simultaneously.”

James Holava, CheckSum Director of Global Sales

Advanced, intuitive software, combined with a quick-change fixture, the 12KN™ delivers strong process control with unmatched ease of use.  PFT (Parallel Functional Test), combined with ICT and ISP (In-System Programming), provides new testing options that reduce cost and improve quality by performing more testing earlier in the process.

About CheckSum
For more than 30 years, CheckSum has been relied on by major electronics manufacturers to deliver value by reducing test time and developing technologies that make board test more accurate and reliable. Our systems are well equipped to serve a wide variety of industries and we are proud to provide full-service solutions, test systems, fixtures, programs, and worldwide support.

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