Nordson SELECT supplies selective soldering systems that are supported by a global service network. They are recognised for their innovative products, able to offer a full spectrum of solutions including standalone, in-line and multi-station high-volume soldering systems.

The Nordson SELECT Selective Soldering Systems have been honoured with prestigious awards for innovation and excellence.  With over 25 years experience in electronics manufacturing they’re proven both a highly experienced and a devoted team to perform flawlessly tailored products. Nordson SELECT have risen to become the foremost worldwide supplier of Selective Soldering Systems.

The Cerno 300.1S system that was selected by Stewart Technology is a compact in-line selective system featuring combined fluxing, preheating and selective soldering, offering exceptional value and superior process control and is ideally suited for proto-type, small batch production or cell manufacturing requirements.

This system combines fluxing, preheating and selective soldering in a compact footprint ideal for small batch in-line production.  This systems is capable of selective soldering printed circuit boards at the same speed as larger or more expensive machines, its is a cost effective solution for customers production lines.

These systems were installed and commissioned in May 2022 and will coincide with the ACE KISS 102L system that was supplied by Gen3 in 2016, this system is still in constant use on their production line and Gen3 are pleased to be able to further enhance Stewart Technology’s production line with another two Selective Soldering Systems.

Shaun Brennand, Technical Director, of Stewart Technology, commented,“We welcome the addition of the 2 new Norsdon Cerno machines.  These will contribute to our ongoing growth and focus on improved process technology.  We have found over the last 6 years, the demand for Selective Soldering has increased massively due to the increase in circuit complexity and high mix component technology.”

GEN3’s Area Technical Manager, Graham Dickson commented: “Stewart Technology rely heavily on Selective Soldering. As their Production Volume is constantly increasing, it was obvious they needed to invest in new Selective Soldering Systems, so the Nordson Select Cerno 300.1S machine was an ideal solution to meet their requirements.  With the Cerno 300.1S having a small foot-print & being highly flexible, Stewart Technology decided to invest in 2 systems”   

John Robertson MD & Graham Dickson shaking hands after a successful installation.
John Robertson MD & Graham Dickson shaking hands after a successful installation.

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