Fuji Corporation has just released a large update for its new virtual training solution, Fuji E-Learning, at the beginning of May. Consisting of courses that can be taken anytime and in any place, the service now offers 60 operational tutorials for one of Fuji’s most popular surface mounting platforms, the AIMEX-III.

“With the fluctuating needs for training and the stresses of scheduling training, many of our customers may find Fuji E-learning fills a much needed gap,” says Steve Frommes, Training Team Lead at Fuji America. “While we feel in-person hands on training is the best option for many users, we also find that scheduling and travel is not always the best option for our customers. Fuji E-Learning is truly a great resource and a very viable option for our customers training needs.”

Fuji’s E-Learning courses will continue to see further updates after the AIMEX-III operational update. New courses on preventative maintenance, programming, and operation of other popular Fuji machines are already in the works. Release dates for new content have not yet been confirmed, but Fuji’s E-Learning service will see at least six more large updates during 2022.

Fuji Corporation is a market-leading supplier of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick & Place solutions, and has designed and manufactured many ground-breaking innovations in the circuit board assembly world. Fuji offers a range of mounting machines, solder printers and production software that can easily integrate into a myriad of manufacturing environments to ensure that equipment runs competitively at all times. Fuji Corporation’s North American Headquarters is located in Vernon Hills, IL, (near Chicago) as well as other North American regional offices.